The Central Kentucky Retriever Club proudly announces our  AKC Licensed Hunt Test on  Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28, at the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area near Kevil, Kentucky (Paducah area).     We invite you to what we believe to be the best AKC Licensed Hunt tests in this area. We have available for your use some of the most beautiful grounds in Kentucky, are maintained by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. On Saturday, at the conclusion of each test, ribbons will be presented at the WMA Headquarters. There will be no dinner at this test.

This test will be a double junior and senior test.  There will be no master test due to the Master National.

On Saturday, at approximately 3 p.m. or following the junior test, we will hold a puppy test and junior handler test at hunt test headquarters if there is interest.  Puppies may be entered the day of the test. Click here for entry for for junior handler/puppy test or e-mail your information to

We will be using Entry Express for entries.    Click here for map to hunt test.
Click here for premium.

New AKC Regulation Regarding Cell Phone Use at Hunt Tests

Date:       July 19, 2012

To:          Retriever Hunting Test Clubs

The Performance Events Department would like to make Retriever Hunting Test Clubs aware of a recent change to the Regulations.

 Cell Phones on the Line.  Occasionally onlookers do not think about turning off their cell phones or placing them on vibrate mode while in the vicinity of the line.  When birds are being thrown, the dog, handler and judges are concentrating on the action.  A cell phone going off can be a distraction.  The new Regulation is meant to caution the gallery, enable the club to take action if this becomes an on-going problem and provide judges guidance on how to handle the situation.  The change becomes effective August 1, 2012.  The following new language will appear as Section 24 in Chapter 1.

 Chapter 1, Section 24. Cell Phones and Electronic Devices. 

In order not to distract dogs, handlers and judges from their work, cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices which emit a sound shall be turned off or set on vibrate mode when in the immediate vicinity of the line or in the field. 

Clubs should post signs if they feel it is necessary.  It is the job of the marshal to enforce this regulation. 

Out of courtesy to the working dog, judges shall not accept calls or send messages while a dog is under judgment.

 A handler has the right to appeal to the judges if he believes the sound from an electronic device has interfered with his dog’s performance.  It is the decision of the judges to determine if the sound had a material impact on the dog’s performance.  If they believe meaningful interference has occurred, they may allow the dog to be re-run at a later time.

This regulation is not meant to hinder the ability of the marshal to keep in contact with event officials in order to expedite the running of the event; however the marshal shall maintain consideration for the working dog and handler.

Should you have any questions or comments, please e-mail


AKC Licensed Hunt Test - Event No. 2012352701 & 201235702

West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area - Kevil, Kentucky (near Paducah)

Saturday, October 27, 2012 & Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hunting Test Open to All Retriever Breeds, Irish Water Spaniels,
Standard Poodles, and Boykin Spaniels

This Hunting Test is held under Rules and Procedures of the


Senior beginning Saturday, October 27, 2012
Gary Hext & ???

Junior beginning Saturday, March 31, 2012
Helen Romain & Jens Basberg

Senior beginning Sunday, April 1, 2012
Gary Hext & Jens Basberg

Junior beginning Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tests, Schedule, and Entry Fees

Saturday, March 31

Master Test
Senior Test
Junior Test

 8 a.m. CST
 8 a.m. CST
 8 a.m. CST 


Sunday, April 1

Senior Test
Junior Test
  8 a.m. CST
  8 a.m. CST 


Please use Entry Express to enter this hunt test
Entries Close: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 11:59:59 PM CST

Test Headquarters:
Test site - West Kentucky WMA
10535 Ogden Landing Road - Kevil (near Paducah), Kentucky 42053

COURSES AND BIRDS - Ducks in Each Level

PRIZES - Standard AKC Rosettes to all dogs receiving a qualifying score 

 Scratches:   Bitches in season shall not be eligible for entry in any Hunting Test and shall not be allowed on the grounds. Entry fees paid for a bitch withdrawn because of coming in season or for a dog withdrawn because of an injury or illness, or for a dog that dies, shall be refunded in full.  A veterinary certificate, received by our Hunting Test Secretary within 5 days of the date of the test, must accompany request for all refunds,


West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area
10535 Ogden Landing Rd
Kevil, KY 42053 Map

  • From I-24 W, take the KY-305 exit- EXIT 3, turn LEFT onto KY-305 / CAIRO RD. Continue to follow KY-305,  2.1 miles, stay STRAIGHT to go onto KY-358. 3.4 miles, turn RIGHT onto KY-358 / KY-996,  0.2 miles, turn LEFT onto KY-358,  2.3 mile, end at West Kentucky Wildlife Mgmt: 10535 Ogden Landing Rd, Kevil, KY 42053.


  • Participants, judges, and workers shall be attired in dark or customary hunting attire which adequately reflects a water fowling or upland hunting environment.

Cell Phones, Etc.

  • Cell phones, beepers, and pagers will not be allowed anywhere in the gallery, and especially at the line.  These have the potential to significantly disturb the working dog and handler.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, please  them in your vehicle.

Ribbon Presentation

  • Ribbons will be presented following each test at the WMA headquarters.  There is no dinner.
  • Note: Ribbons will not be mailed unless $2 postage is pre-paid to the Hunting Test Secretary.


  • Food will not be available on the grounds.



Days Inn: 270-442-7501**Special Rate mention CKRC
La Center Motel: 270-665-9181
Holiday Inn: 270-442-8874
Motel 6: 270-443-3672
Pear Tree: 270-444-7200
Hampton: 270-442-4500
Westown: 270-442-5666
Budget: 270-442-8236
Wickliffe Motel: 270-335-3121
Drury Inn: 270-443-3313


  • Fern Lake Campground - 8 miles from WKWMA (next to the Cheers/Pilot truck stop at I-24 Exit 3) - full facilities, space in the back to air dogs, reasonable rate

  • Hunt test site:  Allows "primitive" camping in the yard near our shop but there are no hook-ups or facilities there.





Randy Stafford
1048 US Hwy. 68 West
Benton, KY 42025
Mike Coomes
1085 Hwy. 416E
Henderson, KY 42420
Mary Hext
Teacher's Pets
1997 Browning Road
Rockfield, KY 42274
Marie Bassett, Treasurer
479 W. Halls Creek Road
Hartford, KY 42347


Tim Burdon
128 Mexico Road
Marion, KY 42064
Gary Hext
1997 Browning Road
Rockfield, KY 42274
Kirby Price
1740 State Rt. 132 West
Dixon, KY 42409

OFFICIAL GUN -  Randy Stafford
EQUIPMENT - Joe Heffley 


Mike Coomes, Chair
Mary Hext, Secretary
 Gary Hext, Tim Burdon (Saturday), Mike Coomes, Kirk Hayden
Kirby Stevens, Kirby Price

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