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Joe Heffley with Bitzy & Molly
February 2003

Burdon's Midnight Dream, SH
Tim Burdon - Owner

Brenda Cox and Hank
Junior Hunter title - 4/27/03
Ohio Valley Retriever Club

Teri Dietrich & Max
Master Hunter title - 4/27/03
Ohio Valley Retriever Club

Ty & Elvis
Ty Clenney & Elvis

Martha Lou & Jesse Steinbeck
and Chanz at 2003 Master National

Brian Abrell & Senior Hunters
Konza & Sadie

Michael Hines & Major
2 Junior passes at MTARC
May 2004

Owned by John Wayne &
Melinda Greenwell

Sue Simms, Kate Abrell & Gusty
Songdog's Red Sky at Morning
 Best in Match
 Purebred Dog Breeders Asscn.
September 19, 2004

earns his WCX 9/4/04
Helen Romain, O/H

earns his WCX 9/4/04
Teri Dietrich, O/H

earns his WCX 9/4/04
Deedie Lutz, O/H

2 junior passes at OVRC
 9/18 &19/04
Sandra Haigler, O/H 9

junior pass at Minot RC Test
 9/18 &19/04
Martha L. Steinbeck, O/H

Dr. John Phil Miller &
Hunting Hills Tinman, MH
Master National Qualifier 2004
Jens Basberg, Handler

Tim Burdon & Wader
MTARC - Jr. Pass
October 2006

Gavin Stevens
fall hunt test 2006

Tim & Wader - Junior title
Gary & Molly - 2 Junior passes
Fall 2006 hunt test

Joe on the trailer

Kirby Stevens gets wet
fall hunt test 2006
Timber got Master Title
Izzy got Senior Title

Wader - Christmas 2006
Tim Burdon - owner

Dice, Pitch, Buzz, Cole, Caper, Max
Christmas 2006
Kim Littlefield & Teri Dietrich, Owners

Jens & Sally
Master National 2007

Jakob & Sly




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